A collection can be far more than the sum of its parts - particularly when it is offered to the right audience at auction. The knowledge that a group of objects was carefully chosen, perhaps across many years by a connoisseurial ‘eye’, is a perennial attraction for serious buyers.
The specialists at Peter Wilson understand the importance of provenance - and the added value that a strong narrative can bring.
In recent years we have enjoyed great success selling private collections - from the extraordinary grouping of post-war and modern furniture and works of art assembled by a collector in the south east to consignments as diverse as the Lomax Collection of English porcelain or the Midas Collection of over 1000 vintage Scalextric cars.
At Peter Wilson you can be confident that your collection - or the collection assembled by a family member - will receive the attention it deserves. Let us tell its story.

If you are interested in a valuation, please complete our online valuation form or alternatively call us on 01270 623878.