Selling at Auction

As a national leader in the fine art and antiques auction market, Peter Wilson Auctioneers have a proven track record in achieving prices that exceed expectations. We hold over 30 auctions each year, including a variety of specialist sales as well as our flagship 'Fine' sales. By combining the huge knowledge and expertise of our experienced team with the latest marketing technologies and our established buyer base, we can provide an excellent service and help you achieve the best price for your items. 

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the selling process. Please do contact us for further - to get started come along to one of our valuation days or complete our online valuation form. 


Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts offer complementary pre-sale valuations if your thinking of selling. Come along to one of valuation days, or complete our online valuation form to get started. We can provide valuations for anything from a single item to an entire estate. 

After the initial valuation, if you wish to consign your items for sale with us our specialists will agree a 'reserve' price with you for each item - this is the minimum price you are willing to sell the item for. You will be asked to sign a 'receipt' giving us permission to sell the items for you. The receipt will detail the reserves agreed, along with the agreed charges and commission rates. You will leave the items with us so that our specialists can do the necessary cataloguing and photography work to get them ready for sale. 

If your items sell, we charge a commission fee - this can vary depending on the type of items you consign; please contact us for further details and our specialists will be happy to discuss this with you. 

For lots included in our printed catalogues a catalogue illustration fee may be charged - our secialists will be happy to discuss this with you if your items are suitable for illustration. 

A lotting fee also applies to each item consigned - this is £3 per lot, plus VAT. 

All our auctions are widely publicised using the latest marketing technologies. This includes the publishing of fully illustrated catalogues on our website, as well as listings on other platforms that are popular with collectors. Advertisements are regularly placed in the antiques press and national newspapers. 

You will receive payment for the items sold, less our fees, within 14 days for a specialist or Interiors auction, or 28 days for our Fine sales. We can pay by cheque or bank transfer and the specialist will agree your preferred payment method with you at the point of consignment. 

After the sale we will send you a 'post-sale' notification of your results of sale; on this letter we will advise you of our recommended action for any unsold items - this may include re-offering the item in a future sale, reducing the estimate/reserve or asking you to collect the items. 

We are happy to offer both probat and insurance valuations. Please see the Probate & Insurance Valuations page for further details. 


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