The Peter Wilson Wines & Spirits Sale 2018: Entries now being accepted.

19/10/2018     Latest News

Fine wines and spirits have become a recognised alternative investment class - assets that could appreciate in value while providing great pleasure to their owners. The auction room has become a favoured location for both the sale and purchase of wine and spirits and in recent years prices for old Scotch, Burgundy and Champagne in particular have risen as the market broadens its international reach.

Dom Perignon proves a perennial favourite


Whether you are buying to lay down for investment or hoping to share a bottle of something exquisite with a gathering friends, selling an entire cellar or just a few choice bottles, we can help you make the right choices. 

The next specialist sale will take place on 6th December and we are currently accepting entries for this next sale. 

Contact our Wine & Spirits specialist Mimi Thompson for a valuation or for any queries.

+44(0)1270 623878 


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