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This distinctive hybrid drum kit was formerly the property of Mike Ogletree and used extensively throughout 1982 during Simple Minds tours and recording. The kit was seen on the ‘Sons of Fascination’ and the ‘New Gold’ tour. The drum sound you can here on songs ‘Colours fly and Catherine Wheel’, ‘Somebody up there likes you’ and ‘New gold dream’ from the Simple Minds album ‘New Gold Dream’ were recorded using this kit. When the band performed on BBC’s Top of the Pops show in 1982 the kit can be clearly distinguished by the distinctive horn shaped ‘Staccato’ drums.  The kit can also be seen in action when Simple Minds performed on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’

Click here to see Mike Ogletree playing the Hybrid kit with Simple Minds


The kit in action on BBC's Top of the Pops in 1982. 

Click here to see the kit pre customization on Top of the Pops


The unusual feature of this drum kit is that it is a blend of two separate rigs, one being an industry standard Premier Elite Series kit, the other being a Staccato Voyager 6 drum kit. Staccato drums were invented by Pat Townsend in 1977.  The unique horn shaped design is intended to kick out a powerful ‘thunderous’ sound and the appearance Staccato drums in the late 1970s soon attracted some of the most famous drummers of the era. Mitch Mitchell (ex. Jimi Hendrix Experience) John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) can be seen behind Staccato kits, they also feature in the music of Eurythmics, Jeff Beck, and Rammstein, on Robbie Williams video, “let me entertain you” 1999, and even in the fourth Harry Potter movie – the Goblet of Fire!

The distinctive horn shaped rack toms by Staccato. 


Mike Ogletree is seen on Top of the Pops playing a full Staccato drum kit however on live tours he is seen behind the blended hybrid Premier/Staccato kit. Why and when this change occurred is not known, maybe the onstage volume of the Staccato bass drum and floor tom was too much, probably the blend of wood lower drums and fibreglass upper tones best suited the sound Ogletree required. Mike Ogletree left Simple Minds in November 1982 and joined the band ‘Fiction Factory’ and used the kit again for live shows an in the studio including the bands best known track ‘Feels (Like Heaven)’

The hybrid drum kit was left behind by Mike Ogletree when he moved to New York and from 1984/5 resided in John Kerr’s studio (front man of Simple Minds) it is during this period that the kit lost a lot of the ‘breakables’ and is why no cymbals are present and other small parts are missing or replaced. The kit was sold to Drum Vault Edinburgh who fully restored the kit and sold it to the present vendor. The kit currently consists of a Premier bass drum, snare, floor tom, two radial toms, together with two Staccato rack toms and a floor tom, Stagg drum stool and a collection of Pearl and Sonor cymbal stands.

This unique piece of Scottish music history is due to be sold as part of our 22nd – 23rd November Sale

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The kit in action at Rockapalast in 1982.

Click here to see the kit at Rockapalast, the kit is clearly visible at 5.47




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