We are delighted to have received some fabulous musical instruments to sell as part of our 12th April sale. If you have any items to add to this auction please contact Chris Large on 01270 623878 or email

A small selection of what is to be included below:


Fender 50th anniversary Telecaster, with flamed maple body finished in sunburst, triple ply scratch plate, maple neck and gold plated hardware. Estimate £700-800

Carlo Storioni violin, with two piece broad flamed back, red brown varnish, label to inside dated 1888. Estimate £650-750

Sebastian and Pierre Erard harp, with birds eye maple body and gilded gothic capital, the brass head with Patent no. 5794, and 18 Great Marlborough Street London address. Estimate £1,500-2,000

Domino California electric guitar in case, in cream / white finish with walnut scratch plate, bolt on maple neck. Estimate £120-180

Hofner Congress archtop guitar 1958, with sunburst finish. Estimate £100-200

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