Capturing Time

15/06/2018     Fine Art, Latest News

Nowhere today will you find the exquisite craftsmanship to be had in the timepieces created in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, when time was first captured in perceptible motion and clocks dictated the taste in furnishing of the times. These were centrepieces for a room, directing the order of the day literally and figuratively. You only have to take a peek at the backplate of the bracket clock by Christopher Moon to see the detail that has gone into the engraved pheonix here: 

However not everyone had the privilege of accessing time at home and this is where the regulator clock comes in. Regulators were the speaking clocks of their time; found in jewellers and clockmakers shops, they were made to keep utterly precise time by which other timepieces would be set. John Holmes was one such maker of these unerring pieces. Examples of his skill and craftsmanship can be found in public spaces such as the turret clock at Greenwich Hospital which he was given the order for after the previous one was destroyed by fire in 1779. We are selling a fine example of his work in our upcoming Summer Fine Art Sale, a mahogany regulator:


All clocks and barometers will be sold as part of The Summer Fine Art Sale on the Thursday 5th July 2018. 

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