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Free live bidding through our website


WilsonLive - live bidding


We are delighted to offer our clients free live bidding through our website www.peterwilson.co.uk

It's easy to bid live and you'll save money vs. bidding live on other platforms, here's how:

1. Register on our website if you've not done so already - it's quick and easy

2. Add card details - we just need you to enter these to verify your identity, we don't charge this card

3. You can 'pre-register' for auctions up to 2 weeks ahead of the sale - we'll send you a reminder the day before the sale (to get free live bidding make sure you register on our website first before any other platforms)

4. 30 minutes before the auction starts, sign in to your account on our website and click the 'Bid Live' button

5. The 'live bidding' window will open and when the auction starts you'll be able to bid live - for free!


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