A generation ago, to be a serious watch collector was to collect pocket watches from the 17th to the early 20th century. Today, the wristwatch, that only began to replace the pocket watch for convenience during the First World War, dominates the collecting field.
In an era when perfect time is available via the microchip, mechanical wristwatches by well-known brands offer something else - style, engineering and status. With demand fuelled by buyers from the international community and a wealth of information now available via the internet, prices have accelerated in a number of areas.
In particular, the market is strong for military issue watches from the Second World War era and the later ‘tool’ watches created for submariners, airmen and sportsmen. Vintage Rolex Explorers, Daytonas and Submariners and Omega Seamsters and Speedmasters have proved a spectacular investment and owners should seek advice regarding current insurance and resale values.
Priced sensibly, there is also a solid demand for good quality pre-owned watches that can typically be bought at auction for a fraction of their retail cost.



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