Gold and silver are both elemental metals and were thought to be the only precious metals until the discovery of platinum, palladium and other related metals in the 19th century. The characteristics of these metals: their colour and brilliance, their malleability, their resistance to oxidisation and above all their scarcity, made them ideally suited to the production of both currency and jewellery. 

Jewellery differs from bullion not simply through its exquisite design but by the inclusion of other rare and precious materials that frequently have no application beyond ornament. Iron and flint are seldom made into jewellery though their usefulness far exceeds that of gold and rubies. 

Some jewellery at auction is bought for its investment value and some for its aesthetic value. Prospective vendors are welcome to submit their jewellery for an up-to-date assessment and for inclusion in one of our regular auctions. 



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