Ceramics is one of the oldest crafts - it dates back to before the Neolithic period. The process of sculpting clay, and then using heat to permanently alter the physical shape and strength of the material, is a skill that has been developed by all civilisations throughout history - and the unique approaches to this art form are as varied as the languages spoken by the various races undertaking it! 

Due to the artistic skill and substantial knowledge of materials required to be a successful potter, a strong collector following has always existed. Collectors are interesteted in not only the aesthetic beauty of pieces, but also the utilitarian functionality and the social history - as well as just the shear rarity of an item.

We see all areas of ceramics at Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers - from the utilitarian objects of the ancient world, to the parallel development of pottery and porcelain in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the factory productions which take ceramics away from the individual potter’s wheel and into the industrial revolution. 20th century ceramics are sold in our salerooms frequently and represent the blending of factory production alongside a return to the individual art of a sole studio potter.



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