"Of the making of books there is no end" -  so wrote the writer of Ecclesiastes.  It is not the quantity of books, however, that determines the value, but rather the content or the binding. The quote from Ecclesiastes is particularly apt as the first major printed book was the Guttenberg Bible. Early Bibles still create interest among collectors, though once we reach the eighteenth century bibles are not regarded as early. Whereas Antiquarian volumes are always interesting they are not always valuable unless illustrated with wood or copper engravings. Such adornments in topographical volumes are usually very desirable. First editions of works which have affected the thought and practice of society such as Darwin's Origin of the Species, are always sought after, even Maynard Keynes General Theory of Employment which at first glance does not appear valuable is very collectable. Handsome examples of the book binders craft will raise more than a few bids in any auction, as will nineteenth century children's illustrated volumes, so to paraphrase the opening quotation "Of the selling of books there is no end". Not all books however are valuable or collectible, so if you are unsure please take expert advice. 



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