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In the race to adopt a repeating cartridge rifle, the government of Switzerland decided upon adopting the Winchester 1876 underlever. The Swiss public, however, wanted a native design and began pressurising the government to cancel the Winchester contract. The Vetterli rifle designed by Freidrich Vetterli of the famous Swiss gun manufacturers SIG satisfied public demand. The rifle featured a bolt action revolutionary for the time but utilised Winchester’s tube magazine and cartridge lifting mechanism. Chambered in the 10.4x38R rimfire cartridge the rifle first appeared in 1869.

Most Vetterli rifles are chambered in the now obsolete calibre making them legal to own without a licence in the UK under Section 58 (2) of the firearms act. Because of this, there is a strong demand for these rifles amongst collectors and we always find they sell well with us at auction. Should you have a Vetterli or any other antique or modern firearms, weapons or Militaria you wish to sell we would be delighted to talk to you about entering it into one of our specialist auctions.

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