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The Mauser 71/84 is the second in line of a series of famous Mauser rifle designs which would be fielded by the German army for over 80 years. The 71/84 was a revision of the model 1871 bolt action single shot rifle, the significant revision being the addition of an eight-shot tubular magazine inspired by the Winchester repeating under lever rifles. The 1871 and 71/84 bolt action Mausers chambered in the 11x60R cartridge were a worldwide success adopted by many countries. The 71/84 rifle was seen in the hands of some German troops as late as WWI.

Most Mauser 71/84 rifles are chambered in the now obsolete calibre making them legal to own without a licence in the UK under Section 58 (2) of the firearms act. Because of this, there is a strong demand for these rifles amongst collectors and we always find they sell well with us at auction. Should you have a Mauser 71/84 or any other antique or modern firearms, weapons or Militaria you wish to sell we would be delighted to talk to you about entering it into one of our specialist auctions.

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